Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

Procedure Description:
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

What To Expect:
A Flexible fiber-optic scope is inserted into the rectum, and the lining of the sigmoid colon and descending colon are examined.

Possible common side effects during the procedure include: Mild cramping or bloating.

See office Preparation Sheet

None - Eat normally


What is My Care Philosophy?

I am a Board Certified Family Physician striving to give compassionate and ethical care, without discrimination.

My practice includes: Primary and Acute care, Newborn/Toddler/ Adolescent Pediatrics, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Minor Office Surgery, Psychiatric Disorders, Routine Pediatric Immunizations, Adult Immunizations (including Flu and Pneumonia), Travel Immunizations, and Well Phyicals for Employment, School or Camp.


Who is on our Staff?


Scott L. Gross MD, FAAFP - Diplomate American Board of Family Practice

Angela Lucana - Medical Assistant

Jennifer Haluza - Office Manager / Billing Manager

Colleen Shultz - Receptionist




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